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L’Atelier de la Maison Jaune -SAS

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located in

682 boulevard du mercantour​

"Clos Manda"

06200 Nice 


Article 1 - Subject 

The following conditions define the trading terms for the L’Atelier de la Maison Jaune, named the company hereafter, and its range of products  through its internet website www.ateliermaisonjaune.fr 

Article 2 - Price

Products prices are indicated in Euros with all taxes included (VAT and any other applicable tax defined on the date of order), unless clear excpetion. Prices do not include delivery costs.

In case you are ordering outside Metropolitan France, you are the importer of the purchased products. Border rules and taxes or  other local taxes may apply. Those can not be falling within the scope of the company.

Those will be charged to you and you are entirely liable to them. including the declaration terms, and payments to local authorities. We kindly recommend you to request information on those aspects to your local authorities.

All made orders are payed in Euros.

The company reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the product will be charged with the price made at the validation date of order, however subject to the availability of such products.

Products remain under the ownership of the company until full payment of order is done.

Article 3 - Orders 

You can order through www.ateliermaisonjaune.fr

Terms and conditions are written in french language and a confirmation notice will be sent over you by the time the company validates your order.

The company reserves the right to not accept a payment, to not validate an order for any reason, noticeably for supply problems reasons

Article 4 - Validation of your order

Any order made through our Internet website www.ateliermaisonjaune.fr implies accepration of the present terms and conditions. Any order confirmation de commande implies your full acceptation without any exceptation or reserve. Order data and confirmation would be use as trade evidences.

You must recognize to have a perfect knowledge about this.

Order confirmation is worth a signature and implies acceptation of the trade.

Article 5 – Payment

the fact of validating your order implies the fact that you must pay the indicated price.

The purchase is done through by credit/debit card through a secured system named Stripe, but also by Paypal account.

The debit of your card will proceed by the time of the order.

Article 6 – Right of retractation

Based on french trade law article L.121-21 Code de la Consommation, you are entitled to a 14-day period starting at the reception of your products, that allows you the right to retract the purchase without any motive, and this without any fees.

The return back of the purchase must be done in its original state including its wrapping, notice and accessories. Int this case, your liability is engaged. Any damage made on the products would possibly revoke your retraction right.

The cost delivery for retuning back products is at your expense.

Following the exercide of your retraction right, the company will proceed to a full refund within a 14-day period following the notification of your retractation request and through the same payment system that you used during your order.


Based on french trade law article L.121-21-8 Code de la Consommation, the right of retractation does not apply for the following cases:

  • the procuremnt of services entirely executed before the end of retraction period, and started after order confirmation 

  • the procurement of specialized goods as defined by the buyer

  • The procurement of goods with fast alteration 

  • The procurement of goods unsealed by the buyer after the delivery and that can not be sent back to the company due to hyghiene or health conditions.

  • The procurements of goods who were melted after the delivery with other products  and that can not be dissociated from other articles


Article 7- Availability

Our products are available until those are visible on our website www.ateliermaisonjaune.fr and valid only within the limits of available stock. For unavalaible stock products, our offering is valid under the reserve of the availability of our suppliers.
In case of unavailability after your order, we will inform you by email. Your order will be cancelled and no debit for payment will be done.

Also, our website www.ateliermaisonjaune.fr is not intending to sell products with large stocks.  Hence, the company reserves its right to refuse orders that have 20 (or more) articles of the same reference

Article 8 - Delivery

Products are deliverd at post address indicated during the trade and with a delivery period also indicated on the validation order page.

If delivery delays are observed, an email will be sent over you mentionning an estimation of the new delivery period.

Based on legal trade obligations L 138-2 Code de la Consommation, and in case of delivery delay, you are entitled to cancel your order. If, by the time of the cancellation, your purchase would be eventually delivered toyou, the company will proceed to a full refund of your order and will pay for its delivery back to our office as defined by french trade law 138-3 Code de la Consommation.

In case of delivery by third party carrier, the company cannot be liable for delivery delay exclusively due to unavailability of the buyer consecutive to multiple dismissals of appointment proposals.

Article 9 - Warranty

All our products are covered by the legal warranty of conformity  and the guarantee of the latent defects, as stipulated in civil french laws acts starting 1641 and follows . In case of non-conformity of a purchased product, that product will be taken back, exchange or refund.

All claims, exchanges or refund requests must be done through email within 30-day period following reception.

All Products must be returned in the state of expediture with all items (accessories, wrapping, notice).

The cost of Delivery over you will be refunded by the company based on the indicated order rate. The cost of delivery back to our office will be also redunded on presentation of cost receipts.

This present clause does not prevent you from exercising your right of retractation, presented in article 6.

Article 10 - Liability

All our products are conformed to french current laws. The liability of the compan could not be engaged in case of non-respect of the laws of the country where the products are delivered. It is your responsability to check to local authorities the possibilities of importing or using our products and services that you are about to order.

Also, the liability of company could not be engaged for damages occuring after the misuse of purchased products.

Finally, the responsability of the company can not be engaged for all inconveniences or damages linked to the use of internet usage, noticeably in the case of service disruption, external breach or presence of computer viruses 

Article 11 - Applicable rights in case of dispute

The present terms and conditions are subjected to french laws. In case of dispute, only tje french trial courts would be qualified to judge it.

Article 12 - Intellectual property 

All items on our website www.ateliermaisonjaune.fr are and will remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the company.  No one is authorize to reproduce, exploite, broadcast  or use under any circumstance even partially software, visual, sound items of our website. Any link or hyper-link is stricly forbidden without a writing order from the company.

Article 13 - Personal data

The company reserves its right to collect nominative data and personal data about you. Those are necessarty to the good completion of your order. and also to the constant improvement of our services and information will address you.

They can be transmitted to third party companies, who contribute to this relation, e.g. companies involved in the  services or orders  at management, execution, treatment or payment steps.

This information data are also kept for security reason, and in conformity with french laws.

Based on french law of January 6th 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose to the retainment of  those nominative and personal data by our services.

Article 14 - Archiving evidence

The company will archive orders forms and invoices on a trusted, sustainable mean, hence constituing a reliable copy based on french civil act article 1348.

Registered data from the company will be considered by any party as proof of evidence for communications, orders, payments and trade between parties.

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